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"I ordered these bars attempting to increase my supply and WOW! I was able to produce way more than expected!! I had to back down to 1/2 a bar a day!" - Lindsay

"I am really happy with this product. I am currently exclusively breast-feeding and feeding every three hours and trying to pump in between which means pumping every hour and a half to prepare my supply for when I return to work. This is really helped my milk supply to be able to keep up with the demand of pumping and regular feedings. Before the bars I would only get about an ounce and a half from both breast, now pumping I can produce almost 3 to 4 ounces from both in between feeding my daughter. This product is a great snack either in the morning or on the go. I feel good about eating it and they taste great! Thank you!" -Kimberly B. 

"The bars are delicious and seem to have a positive impact on my supply. I will continue to buy these while nursing!" - Beckley M.

"I ordered 24 chocolate and banana and am about to order more! Perfect middle of the night nursing snack and during the day!" - Margaret C.

"I thought the bars were really good and I noticed I produced more milk! Easy to travel and tasted really good!" - Cheryl S.

"I'm so glad I did the subscription, these bars work great! I did my research, and let me tell you, these have got to be the best. She was super thoughtful when she made these bars, these ingredients were definitely chosen with our health in mind. Yes they're more expensive than others, but that's because some of the ingredients are organic. No, they aren't too sweet...... these are bars, not cookies, haha! Those who are complaining about the taste probably don't eat that healthy, theses aren't meant to be loaded with sugar. And yes they crumble a little easy, but that's because (as stated on the website) they're wheat free, so there isn't a binding agent. Those of us who love Whole Foods (me) thank you for making a yummy, HEALTHY, and effective treat for making more milk for our sweet babes. :)" - Julie R.

"I sent the bars to my sister-in-law, who was looking for ways to increase her milk supply. She LOVED the bars and plans to order more! My brother also ate one and liked it ,) Thank you!" - Caitlin P.

"I purchased a 12 pack of Milkful just prior to delivering my daughter. I started to eat one a day following her birth and have continued over the first ten days of her life. My milk came in within 2 days of delivery and my supply has continued to increase each day. The bars are delicious and I do not feel guilty chowing down on one every morning. Thanks for making such a wholesome and wonderful product!" - Maggy W.

"Love that these are clean and individually wrapped for convenience on the go!" - Sarah G.

"I loved these bars! I was skeptical so I only purchased 6 at first but definitely saw an increase in my supply on day 2. I have been eating oatmeal with flax and nuts every day and that wasn't working enough but these gave me the boost I needed. They also taste amazing so that helped! I just started my auto-shipment so I get them every 2 weeks." - Erin B.

"I ordered these bars before my son was born. He ended up coming early and I started eating one bar a day, the day after he was born. 3 days later my milk came in and he has been feeding strong ever since. I will definitely order more bars when I finish these 36! All the flavors taste very good, so it's a nice little snack in the morning with my vitamins." - Alyssa S.

"Thank you for yet another fantastic shipment! After ending up in the hospital with a horrible case of mastitis, my supply completely tanked. I tried numerous routes to increase my supply and nothing worked until I started eating your bars. I eat 2 bars/day and have noticed an increase which is greatly appreciated by both my son and I. Thank you for developing a high quality product that is not only effective but also delicious! I will absolutely order from you again and again!" - Lauren B.

"I've been eating only half bar every couple days (along other stuff Inwas doing before) and it's working, more milky for my baby! They are super yummy too (:" - Beatriz A.

"These bars are simply amazing in every way. As I’m sure all BF moms are, they want the absolute best when it comes to food that they are eating. And these bars are just that! Good quality ingredients that are not inflammatory or allergenic. And the best part is that not only are they delicious, they work! Milk supply always increases (as long as I eat enough calories in addition to the bars) and the worry of having enough to store is gone." -Erin B.

"I love these bars. I have ordered three times. I am pretty close to exclusive pumping status and 5 months in. I always get the sampler because I can’t choose my favorite! They are all delicious!" - Sarah H.

"Most lactation cookies/bars/teas taste terrible but these are really good!! My favorite is the Chocolate Banana Nut :) My supply went up about 2-3 oz after eating them so I will continue to eat them as long as I am giving my daughter breast milk!! Just signed up for the automatic shipment too!! SO easy and delicious!" - Kayleigh S.

"I noticed a difference within the first 2 days! My baby is a big feeder so it helps that I have something yummy, healthy and super convenient to turn to. The website is super easy to use and received my first shipment faster then expected! 100%" - Manuelita M.

"I was panicked when my milk supply dropped at around 8 weeks. Although I read this was normal as my body was adjusting to what my baby needed, I was frustrated because I still wanted to pump and save some milk for convenience and the future. After starting the Milkful bars and pumping at least once a day while nursing it went way up! Thankful for the bars and they are delicious so that's a bonus!" - Jericka C.

"Beautiful packaging, delicious flavors combinations, fruit and savory fix, pure ingredients. Love the branding and flavors" - Katie A.

"This is my third purchase and I'm one happy customer. I have tried other bars and yours are by far the tastiest! It's so nice to have a breakfast/snack bar that I can grab on the go!" - Stacy G.

"My daughter is 3 months old. Due to medical conditions, I have been exclusively pumping for her. Now that I am back to work full time, I am unable to pump as often as I would like to, so my supply has dropped some. These bars have made a huge difference!!! I'm getting just as much milk as I was before. They taste great too! I am ordering my second shipment now!!" - Jackie D.

"Just as I was going back to work my daughter was diagnosed with protein intolerance and my diet became dairy free and soy free. I already eat gluten free because of auto immune issues. I CAN EAT THESE BARS! I eat 1-2 bars every day! I share with my lactating colleagues! My daughter will be 11 months next week and these bars have helped a lot these past few months!" - Maggie C.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the bars, the maple walnut is my favorite! I enjoyed them so much I actually ordered 12 more of the maple walnut and was so excited to see them in my mailbox this afternoon. Not only are they tasty I saw an increase in my supply and since I've been struggling with my milk supply these bars are simply amazing! Thank you for such an incredible product!!" - Nicole J.

"Great taste! Fast shipping! Would definitely recommend them ! Would absolutely buy them again to keep up my milk supply. Love the blue berry ones the best. The maple ones were not to bad. I will have to put in an order to try they chocolate ones next time. The next time I will buy a bigger amount to last me longer." - Danica S.

"Excellent. My bars arrived quicker than expected. They taste AMAZING and I love that they are healthy. I don't feel guilty at all eating these and they definitely help with my milk production. SO happy with my purchase. I ended up signing up for the routine delivery every 2 weeks." - Cheryl M.

"I keep these by my bedside for when I'm nursing and need a snack. They are filling and have increased my supply, not by a lot, but enough to pump a little extra. I only have one every few nights, not every day." - Sarah R. 

"My girlfriend gave me a couple of these bars after I had my second son and I LOVED them. Not only do they taste great, but they are good for you and they actually work! I've never had a food or drink that claims to help milk production work the way these bars do. Bravo mama for making something that will help with this incredibly common issue. Now I give bars to all my mama friends who have just had babies in hopes to spread the word on this amazing product!" - Kaylee F.

"I was nervous about my milk production so I ordered the blueberry bars. They are so good. I keep one by my nightstand for when you wake up at 3am feedings and are starving. I have reordered now 2x and will continue to do so." - Aimee D. 

"I really enjoy these bars. I like all three flavors in eat one a day as my morning snack. My little guy might have a slight peanut allergy, so I'm thankful that two of the bar flavors are delicious and do not cause him to have a reaction or any discomfort. I bragged to all my other nursing mommas that these are really worth the cost." - Breanne M.

"I found Milkful when I was desperate for ways to increase my milk supply. As a full time working mom with a 9 month old I was trying to BF as long as possible since she loves to. I could tell after the first bar that this would work and have found I don't even need 1 per day.... I'm sure each person is different but having 1 every other day has increased my milk supply greatly. I plan to continue buying these as I see my milk supply decrease." - Carmen V.

"They taste amazing and gives me the small boost (I just eat one bar/day) I need while pumping at work for my little babe." - Susie L.

"I love these Milkful bars, they are so delicious and it has helped my milk supply, my favorite ones are the blueberry almond coconut! I will definitely buy again and again, also have given recommendations to my friend too!! Thank you for such a delicious treat!!" - Amanda Z.

"I ordered these bars and saw an increase in my supply after the second day! So amazing I pumped almost twice as much at night then I was prior. They are also so delicious. Highly recommend these to any mama." - Christine W.

"Not only did this product help my milk supply, but the bars are really good! I grab one once in a while as a snack and to keep my supply going." - Lori W.

"As a nursing mother, I've always had a hard time with keeping my supply strong. I had to work hard at it by pumping extra after feedings. With the bars, I immediately noticed a change in my supply. I pumped the next morning after eating my first bar and my milk went from 2 ounces to 4 ounces over night. I couldn't believe it. I can tell a difference too when I go out of town and forget my bars that my quantity isn't as much as when I'm home eating my bars daily. I love them!" - Nicole C.

"With having hypothyroidism I am limited certain helpful milk producing ingredients and so grateful there was an option for me l. I've enjoyed 2 orders of the blueberry almond coconut bar. It's a great I look forward to daily." - Carolina D.

"These bars are delicious! Getting the sample pack allowed me to see which flavor was best for me. I love the maple walnut the best. Also these bars are moist and chewy with no bad after taste. Can't wait to order again!" - Raisa T.

"I love these bars, they are tasty, and they make a difference in my production. These work great for a snack or I pair it with yogurt for breakfast, they aren't super sweet (which is a plus), and they are hearty." - Fiona P.

"The bars taste great and have helped me get and extra 1-2 oz everyday that I pump at work! Every little bit counts!" - Tia A.

"I am a super fan of these bars! They have definitely helped increase my supply and they are just so darn yummy, I can't get enough!" - Nicole B.

"The bars taste great and help me keep up with newborn twin feedings!! I have recommended to several of my nursing mom friends!" - Courtney P.

"My girlfriend gave me a couple of these bars after I had my second son and I LOVED them. Not only do they taste great, but they are good for you and they actually work! I've never had a food or drink that claims to help milk production work the way these bars do. Bravo mama for making something that will help with this incredibly common issue. Now I give bars to all my mama friends who have just had babies in hopes to spread the word on this amazing product!" - Kaylee F.

"These bars are really yummy! I eat one each morning for breakfast along with a smoothie. I just had my third child and I have always struggled with supply issues starting around 6 or 8 weeks. I am hitting the 8 week mark now and have been eating these bars for a few weeks and no supply issues so far this time!" - Lauren L.

"My milk supply has been a little short and I have found most cookies and bars hard to stomach. These taste great and are so fresh!" - Lauren K.

"I really enjoyed these bars. The flavor, textures, and the fact they do feel as if my milk supply has increased. I feel like I am also eating a healthy snack both for my little boy and myself. The bars may balance out to a little of $3/each but any healthy snack bar on the market ranges the same and these are truly made with all natural ingredients. Love them! Definitely going to buy more." - Breanne M.

"I eat one every morning for breakfast and I'm pretty sure they are working. They taste good and fill me up." - Allison M.

"The bars are delicious and without a doubt increase milk production! By day 2 I was producing much more which is helpful for building up a freezer stock of breast milk for when I go back to work. Thanks!!!" - Catarina D.

"Combined with Mother's Milk tea, I am definitely seeing an increase in my milk production. The bars are very good and seem healthier than eating lactation cookies." - Allison L.

"My sister had a birth a month ago and she's been breastfeeding. She was struggle with the amount of breastmilk cause baby needed more feeding than she can make, so I sent Milkful bars to my sister in South Korea!. She was so happy that the taste is so good (much better than mother's tea) and actually the amount of breastmilk has been increased since she started to eat the Milkful bars. I will order it more for my sister and also I will introduce it to my neighbors and mom friends who needs more breastmilk. Thank you, Milkful!" - Suji H.

"These bars are tasty and nutritious and definitely help keep my supply up as I have to pump daily at work. They are completely worth it and I'll keep buying as long as needed while breastfeeding and pumping!" - Chelsea C.

"I discovered Milkful on Instagram and decided to give them a try. I'm a first time mom who made the decision to breastfeed about halfway into my pregnancy. Not only are the bars absolutely delicious, I saw an increase in my supply within the first few days! Every breastfeeding mama should try these!!" - Stephanie S.

"I started eating one bar per day the day after I had my son. I don't know if it's a coincidence but my milk came in by day 2 PP and I've had an abundant supply since! Another plus is these bars do not cause my son to get gassy or an upset stomach as other herbs and teas did with my first son. definitely ordering some more!" - Carolina S.

"I can't say enough great things about Milkful! As a new mom, I worried what would happen to my milk supply once I went back to work full time. As a teacher, my days can be stressful and sometimes things come up which don't allow me the necessary amount of time I need to pump. I started to notice a decrease in my supply and was worried I wouldn't keep up with the needs of my baby while achieving my breastfeeding goals. I purchased Milkful bars and really started to notice an increase in my supply within a few days. Not only are the bars a great snack for my busy days, but they taste great and have really helped boost my supply. I am grateful to the Milkful team for creating such a delicious product that continues to help me support the needs of my baby!" - Brianne C.

"I can't believe how well these babies worked. It doubled my supply after eating one bar. I've already recommended them to dozens of new mommy friends. Thank you" - Kelly J.

"Love love love the Milkful bars! They are so yummy and I do think they are helping with my supply. I work full time so I am pumping 4 times a day to keep up with the 15 oz. my daughter needs each day when I am not with her. I am only able to pump 8-9 oz. per day. But I don't think I would be able to keep with that if I was not hydrating and eating the bars. We had to start supplementing with some formula last week. The only negative would be that they are sometimes hard to open. Especially when I eat them while breast feeding." - Courtney A.

"These were so great for breakfast and a late night snack and helped with milk production. The only drawback for me was the price. I would recommend to others needing a little production boost." - Angela J.

"I think they have definitely helped so far! I've been back to getting my period for months now and I was afraid with the baby weaning a bit that getting my period would cut off my supply entirely. So I think these help! Love the blueberry!!!" - Alicia N.

"I can't say enough wonderful things about these bars! They taste amazing and they helped my supply. I will admit, I was skeptical at first but they truly did help my supply increase after two days (I did one bar per day). Thank you so much for developing a tasty and healthy product!" - Lauren B.

"I bought these for my sister as we are both new mommies breastfeeding. It's perfect to put by your breastfeeding station. After nursing I would get starving and have one of these delicious treats. I was away from my newborn visiting my sister and these treats helped me keep my supply so that I had milk to bring back home to my little one." - Diana P.

"These bars were so good it was hard to only eat two a day! I did see an increase in my supply but I was also drinking mothers milk tea at the same time. Ill keep ordering!!" - Stephanie F.

"So, when my son was first born, I ate these bars daily to help my supply come in and get established, and I was cruising along great until my son was diagnosed with MSPI at 4 months. With a very restricted diet, my calories were too low, and my supply was starting to tank. My husband ran to The Milky Way here in charlotte and stocked up for me. Within 3 days of eating a bar a day (the Chocolate Banana Nut is addicting), my supply was back up, my son was satisfied and not nursing 10 times a day, and I was back to pumping 4-5 oz in the morning to start a new stash of dairy and soy free milk. So so thankful for these bars!" - Erin V.

"Initially, I was concerned that the bars were not helping as much as I would have liked for them too. However, I found that my own eating habits was what was ultimately affecting my supply...I wasn't eating ENOUGH! After I began focusing on when and how much I was eating and eating the bars, I definitely see a difference. I am able to pump 10oz roughly at each pump - roughly every 3-4 hours. My little girl is almost 6 months and I'm beginning to be able to build a stash again...woo hoo! Thank you!!" - Dana R.

"Tasty and helped increase my supply so well! Eat these with 8 oz of water twice and day and was able to pump 2x as much!" - Taylor N.

"I've been keeping a few Milkful bars on my bedside table for and easy late night snack, and in my diaper bag so I'm never without some nourishment on the go. As a Nutritional Therapist, it's important to me to have healthful snacks to help maintain healthy stable blood sugar levels and sustain my energy throughout the day. I make my own lactation snacks at home, but I can never get them to travel well, so Milkful bars have been a welcomed addition to my healthy snack arsenal! The maple walnut is by far my favorite." - Chloe P.

"This product has truly been a godsend. I have struggled from the beginning with my milk supply. Not being able to do her first feeding, not latching properly just led us to supplementing with formula (at least one bottle a day). Once I tried these bars I did notice a difference. I've been eating these bars (once a day) since the end of November and I have at least 3-4 days of milk in the freezer. I love this product...and it taste GREAT!!" - Jennifer P.

"I needed a little supply boost for a girls trip I was going on so I could leave some pumped milk behind for my 9 month old. This product definitely worked. I noticed an increase after eating two bars! And I feel my milk supply has stayed up since eating them! I intend to buy more for me and my husbands honey moon in a couple months! The are also VERY delicious! I had to hide them from the hubby!" - Cassie V.

"I love the Milkful bars. I love eating a snack knowing that it is benefiting me and my baby. I do notice an increase when I pump and a more consistent amount of milk for my baby. So so so happy with this product" - Ahna D.

"Love the flavor of the bars! I tried all 3 flavors. I noticed I do have an increase in supply and I really wasn't expecting to!" - Moriah C.

"I'm a first time mom and when our baby was 3 days old they had us go and get blood work for our newborn to make sure her bilirubin number went down (jaundice) and it skyrocketed. She was latching and having poo and pee diapers, just like any normal baby I thought. So when we went in they told me she was also dehydrated:( it scared me so much and we had to start formula right then to get hydrated. They had me start on the pump and I was getting nothing probably because my milk didn't come in yet but still I felt like a failure my newborn baby was dehydrated because I wasn't producing . After 2 extra days in the hospital pumping and maybe getting 20ml at a time out of both ***** my most in the hospital was 40ml. We went home and kept supplementing, pumping and feeding off the ****. I was on instagram one day and this brand was an add so I clicked it, read reviews and said why not I tried the fenugreek pills and I tried these milkmakers cookies (awful taste) so I got the sample pack and I was hooked!!! Oh my God they not only taste amazing but I actually started producing milk . I pumped 3oz out of one and 4oz out of the other!! It was an answered prayer I swear ! So a couple days later since I only got the 6 I ordered 36 bars and ever since I started these she has been exclusively breast fed :) so thanks my baby won't ever go thirsty again xoxo" - Ashley C.

"I have a 4months old baby girl and a 2yr old boy, with my son unfortunately I had to supplement because my supply was so low and as I first time mom didn't know a lot of the things I know now with my second baby. In my arduous search I came across Milkful and it has been a blessing, I was so stressed about my supply but not anymore, I went from low supply to finally starting to build my milk stash to then needing extra space in my freezer. I'm very thankful I found these delicious healthy bars!" - Liz G.

"Not only are these bars really tasty, they truly do help increase your milk supply. I was really anxious about going back to work because I was nervous about being able to store enough milk for my baby, but these bars have given me the confidence I need to provide for him each day. At about $3 a bar, they are a little pricey, but each day I look forward to my bar as a yummy treat, especially knowing that they will help me get what I need for my baby. I've decided that 1 bar per day has been plenty!" - Brilliasol B.

"I have tried a few different kinds of lactation snacks and Milkful is by far the best tasting!!! The quality and flavors are far superior than any other bars I've tried! My personal favorite is the chocolate bars!" - Amy O.

"All 3 flavors of these bars are DELICIOUS and have been an amazing guilt free indulgence since my daughter has a milk protein allergy and I am following a dairy and soy free diet. I have recommended to my nursing Mom friends!" - Lindsey L.

"I was pretty skeptical because my medication made my supply dry up. This was my Hail Mary and it worked amazingly!" - Ashlee B.

"I tried taking supplements like Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle but they had a negative impact on me and my babies digestive tract. These bars are a great way to get many supplements that help with breast milk production and still feel good." - Ashley P.

"I have to admit that I was skeptical of these before ordering. My son just turned 7 months old and my supply had started to decrease. Reading the reviews I thought - "Why not?" I got my 24 bars (3 of each flavor). I began with one bar my first day around 1pm. The following day I ate one about 9 am and another about 1pm. It took about 3 days for me to notice a supply increase but I can honestly say these worked for me!! I am beyond thrilled. I am able to pump extra now and still breastfeed my son without worrying if i'll "make enough" or not. I now only try to eat only one a day... but they are so good I sometimes eat two just for the treat :) I would suggest you give these a try if you have any inkling to - you may be just as pleasantly surprised as I am!" - Moriah C.

"The 24 hours after eating my first bar (blueberry almond coconut) I pumped an extra 1oz! I am an "just enougher" so getting my work stash is a big deal for me, I was so ecstatic to be pumping anything extra! I will definitely be ordering more asap! Thank you, you have given this momma hope and a freezer stash!" - Alexandria B.

"All 3 flavors of these bars are DELICIOUS and have been an amazing guilt free indulgence since my daughter has a milk protein allergy and I am following a dairy and soy free diet. I have recommended to my nursing Mom friends!" - Kimberly D.

"I was giving up on breastfeeding and was considering on just supplementing. I
 came across these bars when I saw it on an advertisement on Facebook, so I decided to give it a try... I told myself, why not? it won't hurt... I'm glad I did. I received them fast and I must say, they actually worked! I haven't had to do any supplement for months now and I have one happy chunky 5month old baby boy! Thank you Milkful for making a healthy product that taste delicious! I love all of the flavors! And most specially I love to see my little one happy and contented. Mommy just ordered another set of 36bars!!!" - Kathrina N.

 "After not being able to produce enough milk and only pumping about 1oz from each breast between feedings I decided to purchase the sampler pack of bars. After 3 days of using them I noticed an increase in my milk flow I ordered a box of 36 bars and eat two a day and I am now pumping 3-4oz out of each breast between feedings throughout the day. Thank you for making such an amazing product that tastes amazing and is helping moms all around the world!" - Rachel P.

"They taste great, include all the ingredients I needed and save me time from having to make bars or cookies myself. I buy all 3 flavors to satisfy my needs at different times. These have supported my production with breastfeeding twins. I plan to keep ordering until they are a year old." - Karen H.

"Not only do these bars increase my milk supply by 1-2 ounces but they are also delicious and keep me full in the morning! I will definitely keep buying more." - Fernanda C.

"I had my reservations and assumed they would be hard but they are NOT! They are very soft and tasty. All three flavors were great. Perfect for a snack on the go!" - Megan D.

"I absolutely love these lactation bars and wish I would have discovered them before a few months ago, as they have drastically increased my milk supply! I recommend them to all my pregnant and breastfeeding friends!" - Megan D.

"With my first baby, I made lactation cookies every 3-4 days and it was extremely time consuming. Now that I have two kids, there's no way I'd have time to bake that often so I was excited to find these Milkful bars. They are easy and delicious. And so much more nutritious than many other options out there! I feel great about eating a bar every day and they are helping with my milk supply tremendously! Win!" - Laura F.

"I noticed within a few days that my milk production went up. It has been a huge help for me, since I have been needing to pump some milk to have on hand to mix with rice for my 5 month old!"  - Brittany A.

"I can't thank you enough for these bars! Not only do they taste DELICIOUS, they actually WORK! My little guy's jaw is misaligned which has caused him to not want to   nurse at the right breast for comfort reasons, making my supply lower on that side. With help from my lactation specialist and Milkful bars, I was able to bring my pumping sessions on my right side from 1 oz to almost 3 oz in 2 days!! Thank you Milkful!!" - Ashley D.  

"My son is 5 months old. I saw a decrease in my milk supply around 4 months post partum. I was on the verge of giving up breastfeeding and was even told by his pediatrician to start supplementing. I came across these wonderful bars and decided it's worth a try. I received them extremely fast and was surprised they worked! I haven't had to supplement and I have one happy full baby! Thank you for making a healthy product that taste delicious." - Roni H.

"I read the reviews on Instagram that this product "doubled my milk supply right away" and was a bit hesitant to believe them but I too am now a customer that can say I instantly saw an increase in my supply and after one bar a day for three days, it truly did double my pumping supply. I was scared I was going to need to supplement my 4 month old but with the help of the Milkful bars, I don't need to do that yet. I have already reordered and will continue to until I no longer need to feed my kiddo." Meredith A.

"Fantastic! I have definitely noticed an increase in supply. I returned to work this week and am still able to pump 9-11 oz per day while nursing 4 times! I was very worried about my supply before these bars but not anymore. The flavors are wonderful and I don't feel like I'm having to eat a bunch of unnecessary sugar and junk just to get the benefits. My son has a dairy and soy allergy as well so these are just perfect. Thank you!" Jennifer B.

"I really liked the Maple Walnut bars. I have made my own lactation bars in the past, but wanted to try something new. I was shocked at how flavorful and most these bars were. They arrived nicely packaged and promptly. Very impressed!" - Rebecca M.

"All of the Milkful bars are so delicious, they make the perfect snack! I initially purchased the sampler to see which flavors I liked, but I like them all so I immediately purchased a case in each flavor to ensure I never run out! We just found out that our daughter has a milk protein allergy so I've had to remove dairy and soy from my diet...The added bonus to these bars is that they are dairy free and soy free so they also serve as my guilt free sweet treat!" - Kimberly D.

"I've been exclusively breastfeeding my daughter since day 1 and its something that's extremely important to me! When she got close to 3 months she was getting fidgety while nursing and I noticed my let down wasn't happening as frequently as it used to, she also wanted to nurse way more often. So naturally I completely over reacted thinking my daughter is now going to starve and I'm clearly a bad mom... My step mama found these bars and ordered them for me, I've been eating one in the morning and one as a before bedtime snack. Besides the fact that they taste amazing (I have a hard time only eating 2 a day) they're working really well! My let downs have increased and my daughter seems more satisfied than she did before. I'm back to accidentally squirting her in the face with my milk! (oops) ☺ I would be devastated if I couldn't breastfeed anymore and these bars give me peace of mind knowing that I'm providing enough food for my baby girl and that means a lot! So thank you for making these, Brooklyn and I love them" - Christie M.

"I want to first off thank you for this amazing product that you are offering to moms! I received my package and after just eating 2 bars I noticed an increase in my production by almost double! This came as such a relief to me since I had so much difficulty with producing enough with my first two littles. Now after about 5 days of eating 2 a day, which by the way they are delicious, I am able to not only provide enough to keep my precious baby girl satisfied, but I am able to pump 2-3 times a day between feedings. This is exciting to me because I am able to store some of the milk which will make it a little easier on me when I return to work. This is an amazing, yummy product and I wish I knew about it with my first 2. My stress level and anxiety about feeding wouldn't have existed." - Amy H.

"I noticed a difference in my supply almost immediately once I started eating the Milkful bars. By the second day, I pumped almost 5oz more than what I usually do! As someone who has struggled with supply as well as pumping and working full-time, I can't say enough how much of a relief it is to see this increase. Now not only am I meeting my nine month olds growing needs, but I'm able freeze and save some for the first time since he was just a few months old. I also love that the bars are so conveniently sized- perfect for on-the-go! I've been eating two a day and look forward to them each day. The Milkful bars have been the tastiest, most convenient, and most effective way of increasing my milk supply that I've tried."- Michelle C.

I recently returned to work after having my second daughter and was worried about my supply dropping as it did with my first daughter. I started eating a Milkful bar in the morning and night and have actually been able to increase my milk production when pumping at work! The new maple walnut flavor is my favorite and tastes so yummy! I'm very grateful to have found this wonderful product that gives me one less thing to worry about during a stressful transition. I am much more optimistic about reentry into the workforce and the possibility or continuing to breastfeed my baby this time around. Thank you, thank you!!”- Bridget I.

"I was planning on starting to eat the Milkful bars in preperation for my return to work next week, but I panicked and thought my supply was dwindling, so I ate one yesterday and I seriously produced a ton! I've been almost constantly engorged every 2 hours since yesterday afternoon. These suckers work!! Before eating Milkful bars I only got 2-3 ounces pumping between Rowan's feedings, but last night I had two 5 ounce pumps alone!" - Sara S.

"As a first time mom who was hoping to breastfeed as close to a year as possible, I was devastated when my supply started to drop. I was literally breastfeeding and pumping every chance I could with little to no improvements until I tried these bars. I ate one bar, each day, for one week to try it out and within 4 days was pumping an ounce more each session...that's 5 more ounces per day!!! I was SO excited that I ordered 2 dozen to be quick shipped to me (awesome customer service!). I then started doing 2 bars a day and in just 2 weeks I increased my supply by almost 2 ounces each breast! Needless to say, I have been thrilled with the results so far and on top of that they taste great- so I'm actually enjoying them!" - Kaily C.

"Just made my second order! Thank you so much for making these wonderful bars! They are not only delicious but they give me a boost of energy throughout the day! And I've noticed an increase in my milk supply as well!!! My baby is now staying full much longer and I'm pumping a little more than 3 oz. more than before I started taking the bars! I ate 2 to 3 bars a day. I would have eaten them all in one day but I wanted to savor them, so now I'm ordering the larger bundle!!! Thank you Dina for the fast responses and delicious bars!!!" - Yvette S.

"Thank you for creating these bars! They are absolutely amazing. I have been nursing for a little over four months and went back to work six weeks ago and noticed a steady decline in my supply. I saw a post in my mom group on facebook about Milkful and ordered the bars right away. These bars have exceeded my expectations; I noticed an increase in my supply as soon as I tried one. They are so delicious to eat and I can't wait to have my bar each day!" - Cynthia A.

"I noticed a significant increase in my milk after a few days of eating 1-2 Milkful bars a day. I have low milk supply to start, but since eating the milkful bars daily my son has been taking less formula! The bars are delicious too so they are a great snack!" - Lindsey C.

"I've been a fan of your baked creations for years now, but the MILKFUL Oat Bars couldn't have come at a better time. I'm one of the lucky ones who has had a great milk supply from the beginning. I found, though, that my childcare provider was asking for bigger and bigger bottles. That, coupled with working full time, led to some anxiety about being able to breastfeed for the entirety of my son's first year. A week in of eating one Milkful Oat Bar a day and I'm getting several ounces more per day! Bonus - they are delicious! Keep it up lady!" - Jessie H.

"These bars are amazing! I've been nursing 9 months and very little increases my supply these days. After just 3 days eating 1 bar a day, I noticed a big difference. The let-down feeling returned and my baby nursed a few minutes longer on each side with those satisfying, big gulps. I was skeptical of how they would taste since they are PACKED with so many healthy ingredients, but they are so delicious! Thank you!" -Kristin T.

"First of all, I want to say how enjoyable the process of corresponding with Dina was. She answered my emails in a timely manner, and I received my order quickly after purchasing. The day my order was delivered, I was so excited I ripped into the box, opened the beautifully packaged bar, and began munching away. These oat bars are seriously delicious! I've only had them for the past two days, but I find myself craving them quite often. Luckily, the ingredients are nutritious, so I don't have to feel guilty about that! Most importantly however, I noticed quite quickly that my supply was increasing, which I am thrilled about. In the beginning, my son and I didn't have the easiest breastfeeding journey, which unfortunately required me to work super hard to keep my supply up. I am so happy to have found out about Milkful Lactation Oat Bars. No doubt they will become a staple for me! Thank you so, so much!" - Sarah B.

"The bars are great! I really love how filling they are and nutritious. I did see a slight increase in my supply. They are definitely something I would recommend to any nursing mama." - Lilia S.

"I really like your bars. I ordered them initially to help keep my supply up while my normally BIG eating man was sick and a little off his normal amount. And I did notice that it allowed me to keep my supply solid. I like the taste and have continued to eat one here and there to keep my supply going." - Brooke B.

"Dude, these silly bars really WORK! Like Seriously! It's crazy!"- Courtney M.

"You've really created a wonderful, thoughtful, and meaningful product here. There is not enough support for breastfeeding mothers, on many levels. I applaud what you've done here and truly you've made something quite tasty! I'm a dietitian and despite what most people think, we love food! Also, I think the Maple is my favorite then the Banana. I have to restrain myself from eating them. I have been pumping since day 0 and I'm basically exclusively pumping now. I took him home pumping every 2-3 hours, breastfeeding 2-3 times a day, adding 1/4 tsp of formula to my milk, making formula when I didn't have enough, making sure he drank a minimum. The whole thing was so stressful and on top of it all I was doing everything to maximize my milk supply and it wasn't enough: pumping up to 30 min each time, power pumping once a day, Fenugreek, oatmeal, hydration, playing music & looking at pictures of my baby while I pumped (before he came home), compression massage, you name it. For the first 7 weeks I was only making 11-14oz/day. Finally something has clicked and I'm making 18-20oz/day at 10 weeks PP. I'm off all of the other stuff above b/c after a while you just need to live. I ordered your bar sampler maybe a week ago and made 20oz for the first time, had another day of 22oz." - Sarah E. 

“Your bars are awesome! They taste great, the texture is great and I love the packaging and the label. Excited about those new flavors!! They taste amazing!!! Really love the pb and chocolate combo! I pumped for the first time in months last night after a nursing session and got about 4 ounces from both sides”- Gisselle

“I was pleased to receive my bars so quickly after placing the order. Not only are they delicious but I also feel good about the ingredients and what is going into my body, especially being a nursing mother. Many years ago I had a breast reduction, and it has had a major effect on my milk supply. I have tried everything from prescriptions to all natural supplements, but ultimately decided that I was only truly comfortable going the natural route when trying to boost my supply. I have definitely seen an increase in my supply since snacking on these yummy bars. I will keep ordering them as long as I continue nursing! Thanks so much!” - Caroline T.

“This is a happy girl after nursing! The Milkful bars have been a wonderful snack for me while nursing and have helped me provide more than enough milk for my little one. Not only are they delicious and healthy but they work! I can’t wait to try the new flavors! Thank you!"- Adrienne C.

“Dina, I've looooved the Milkful bars! Somewhat sad to just now discover these towards the end of my 2nd nursing journey. I started lots of 'boosting' efforts in the past month including more water, more oatmeal, dark beer, Motherlove supplements, and these (!) but Milkful bars have been by far the most enjoyable addition. My supply has definitely seen a boost this month as I hit the home stretch toward my son's 1st birthday. Look forward to putting in another order!” - Emily T.

“I really struggled with milk supply with my first child, so with my second child, I've been determined to figure out ways to boost supply from the start. I eat 1-2 Milkful bars a day and can truly tell a difference in the evening if I haven't had one. They're a delicious afternoon snack for this nursing mama, and I know they're playing a role in my being able to nurse my three-month-old! Thanks, Dina!"- Alicia C.

"I recently purchased the Lactation Oat Bars to help increase my milk production for our 1 month old baby boy. He was wanting 4 ounces at each feeding from 2 weeks old, and I was a little shy of that. We were having to feed him breastmilk and then supplement with an ounce to 2 ounces of formula at each feeding. Since eating the bars, we haven't had to supplement. ☺As of yesterday, he wants more than 4 ounces... So today I will be ordering the larger quantity of bars since I only have 2 left! Here's to a quick delivery of bars to Illinois!”- Kimberly P.

"When Dina first shared her vision for Milkful, we both had little girls under the age of 1 and were very familiar with the anxiety and stress that can come with questionable milk supply. I was so thrilled to hear she was starting a business that combined her passion for baking with her experience as a new mom. Since last year, my husband and I have welcomed not one, but TWO MORE beautiful, healthy twins girls into our family. I've integrated Milkful bars into my routine of exclusively pumping for them and - incredibly - am producing enough milk for both of them so far (nearly 50 ounces per day). Better yet, the bars are really delicious. I look forward to having one each morning and evening when I pump. I really believe that Milkful has been a big part of my ability to make enough milk for my twins, and therefore relieved a lot of the stress that comes in the early months with newborns. Thank you Dina and Milkful!"- Michelle Gorman

“After eating 2 bars per day for several days I have noticed a difference in my milk, an increase in quantity but more noticeable is the quality. My milk appears thicker and I don't get that watery consistency when I pump anymore. It has also increased the amount I'm able to pump by a few ounces! The bars taste great, especially with my coffee in the morning! Thank you Milkful, it feels good to eat something every day that I am confident is healthy for both of us.”- Laura Bryant

Social media- “So thankful that these bars are helping my supply! My little man wants to try them too! Thank you @milkful_momma for making delicious bars and for being so helpful in this process!!!”- Erin Atkeson

(insta post) “hands off my Milkful bars buddy! After I had Grey, I struggled with my milk supply and wish I had these lactation oat bars around for that extra boost! I’m looking forward to snacking on these daily with baby #2!”- @Greyslittlecloset

“They are working! I started to see a major decrease in my supply right around 4.5 months. I'm not sure if this was related to working and pumping, or stress, or hormones. Whatever the reason, it was very difficult to get more than 3 ounces in one pumping. I tried 2 bars a day for a few days and saw a 2-3 ounce increase in my supply while pumping each time!!! I'm thrilled! I love that they are completely natural and they taste AMAZING!!! I really do look forward to eating them every day. Thanks so much!”- Gen Bowden

“I just returned to work full time and I have definitely noticed an increase in the amount I am able to pump during the day after having 1-2 bars a day, an extra 1-2 ounces during my pumping sessions at work - which is a big relief for me. I am able to pump enough at work and 1 session before baby wakes up in the morning to get him through the day with an extra 4oz left over for the freezer stash. These bars will definitely be part of my pumping supply bag for the long haul." - Julia C.

"I began snacking on Milkful bars after grabbing a few on the go while out running errands. I’ve been fortunate to have a successful turn at nursing (so far) and looked to Milkful for a snack between meals. Loving the all natural ingredients and nutrient dense bars, I not only noticed an increase in my supply when pumping at night (up from 8oz to 10oz) but a richer quality. My milk seemed to be thicker, smoother and for lack of a better word - milkier! Thanks to Dina and her delicious bars for keeping my energy up and milk milkFUL while hanging with my 6 month guy on the go!” - Mary Sue Z.

"Thank you, Dina. I think the bars are really helping with my supply! Ps- funny thing. I had a follow up doctors appointment last week where we discussed keeping up my supply when going back to work. My doctor suggested I try these amazing bars made right here in Charlotte. I laughed as I pulled one out of my purse. Good to have a doctor's endorsement behind you!" - Nicole B.

"Not only do they taste amazing and you know what you are getting when you eat them, but I noticed about a 2-3oz difference per day in my pumping when I ate two of them each day. I started buying them in the smaller bags at Milky Way and eating occasionally and wasn't really keeping track then. Once I noticed a dip in my supply given my work/pump situation, I reached out and ordered the large bag from you and read to eat two a day...since then, I am back to building my supply in the freezer. I think even if women aren't nursing, they are a great healthy snack with yummy ingredients! Look forward to the next order and different flavors in the future!' - Jessica S.

"I've been seriously considering weaning my 9th month old son off of breast milk because I have tried everything (lactation cookies, oatmeal, tea, fenugreek pills & oatmeal cookies) to regain my supply after returning to work but nothing seemed to work & I was producing less than 1 oz per day, oh the horror! I came across an ad for Milkful bars & figured I should give them a try too since I'd tried everything else already. Boy, that had to be 1 of the best decisions that I've made in 2016 so far! The 1st day that I ate 1 after breakfast, I was able pump close to 4oz in one pumping session! That hasn't happened in about 4 months. Thank you so much for creating Milkful bars & shipping them so fast!" - Naomi W.

“Thank you for making Milkful bars!!! After my first bar I noticed that my milk supply doubled. As aworking mother I was really worried about pumping enough milk for the following day while I'm at work. Thanks to Milkful bars I stress no more. I have enough milk for the following day and plenty for the baby of the evenings and at night. I tried so many products (milkmakers cookies, boobie bars, mothers tea, fenugreek supplement) none of them increased my supply like Milkful bars. Not only do the bars work they are delicious, nutritional, and great for me and the baby! 5 stars!!!” - Desiree A.

"Well...the verdict is in...I had an increase during pumping sessions by 2-3oz so far! Thanks for making these wonderful bars!! I ate lactation cookies while nursing my previous baby to increase supply so I could pump more to store in preparation for my return to work. I really didn't like the mainstream brand that I used, so I went searching online for other options. That is when I stumbled across Milkful bars and boy am I glad that I did!! I purchased two from a boutique store to try and ate one during my car ride home. Later that day, I noticed a difference in how full my breasts felt and this was during the evening when my supply is usually lower. I was intrigued because the bars are full of healthy ingredients that you can see and oh so yummy! I immediately ordered more online the next day. Dina was amazing to correspond with. I felt her smile through her writing and that she really cared about helping me reach my ultimate goal of making more milk. After eating the bars for only a few days, I had an increase of 2-3oz while pumping between feedings! These bars are amazing and amazingly good! I'm afraid I won't be able to stop eating them after I'm done breastfeeding!! Thank you for all the love, heart and healthy goodness that you put into your bars Dina! They ROCK!!" - Stephanie H.

"I've been using the Milkful bars since my baby was 2 weeks old. I had some problems where he had jaundice and would fall asleep while nursing. This almost completely diminished my milk supply to the point at a single feeding he was only getting an ounce from both sides and even when I would pump after I was only getting an additional half an ounce. At 3 weeks old, we had to start supplementing with formula because my supply just wasn't high enough. We are at 8 weeks now and I am still having to pump but I have increased my supply to over 20 ounces a day and only having to supplement with a couple of ounces of formula. I absolutely love the Milkful bars! They are delicious and you can tell they are healthy and made fresh. I've got my fingers crossed to hopefully be 100% breast milk only by 3 months and I absolutely believe that the Milkful bars are helping to get me there."- Selina P.

"I recently purchased the maple walnut bars and they are super delicious! It was hard to not eat more than two bars a day, Once I had to pump, my supply increased about 3 oz each time I pumped. I was so excited! Once my little one turned 8 months, I was struggling a bit with my supply, trying to keep up lol. But once I found these bars I fell in love with them! These bars are a lot healthier than the cookies I was buying. I am placing another order, until my little one decides when breastfeeding is over for us. Thank you so much Dina for making these healthy and delicious bars for all the breastfeeding mommas out there!" - Rosalie H.

"Hi Dina! I am bringing my entire box [of Milkful bars] to my new moms group on Thursday which has 12 nursing moms in it, so expect sales from Massachusetts to go way up on Thursday. I thought I would surprise them! Baby George is 14 weeks and eating 30-35 oz/day and is exclusively getting breast milk. He is doing so well in part because of my insane supply! I can't thank you enough!" - Gia

"After eating a bar every morning for the past 12 days I have definitely seen an increase in my milk supply! I have been able to pump more in the morning then I ever have before. Whether it is the bars or just a coincidence they sure make my morning breakfast choice easy!! Between a hungry baby pumping and tiredness breakfast is not top priority and these sure make it easy to get something nutritious quickly!!" - Katie C.

"I'm positive I noticed a boost. I have been pumping to build a stash for my return to work next month and since I started eating the bars I've been able to produce more in my pumping sessions! It definitely has reduced my stress in returning to work. They are also a great snack or quick breakfast on the go when I am running around with the baby! I know I'm eating something healthy that will help my supply to feed her (plus I can eat it with one hand)." Annie S.