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What's in Milkful Lactation Oat Bars to help boost milk supply?

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When should I begin eating Milkful bars?

We get this question a lot from expectant mommies and say that it’s great to start on your delivery day! Happy Birthday Baby- mommy’s going to have a Milkful bar instead of cake. Or of course whenever you notice a dip in supply!

How quickly will I see results after eating the bars?

Every mommy is different, but many notice a boost after eating just 1-2 bars a day, for 1-2 days. Some see results after their first bar!

We feel it's important to note that Milkful bars are a great addition to healthy nursing habits, and we encourage women to eat Milkful bars in combination with other milk promoting behaviors:

  • Increasing frequency of breastfeeding/pumping sessions. 
  • Incorporating hand expression with pumping to help increase supply
  • Try "power pumping"- this is when you pump for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, and so on, for a total of 60 minutes making up the ‘power hour’. This can be done a few times a day.
  • And lastly, we can not over-emphasize the value in seeking out guidance from a certified Lactation Consultant/IBCLC to help meet your breastfeeding goals! 

Are Milkful bars guaranteed to work for me?

Although many of our customers that incorporate 1-2 bars/day into their routine do notice a boost in supply, there is unfortunately no way to guarantee that every woman will see a boost. Each woman's situation is unique and there are countless factors that can impact supply.

Since we understand that many of you have tried many methods already to boost supply to no avail, and may be hesitant to spend money on yet another product, we are happy to offer a money back guarantee on our 6 Bar offering. If you are not satisfied with our bars for any reason, simply ship back your uneaten bars for a full refund (less shipping). 

How quickly will I receive my order?

We understand the anxiousness that comes along with a dwindling supply. Please know that we want to get our Milkful bars to you as soon as possible! 

We strive to fulfill and ship out orders within 24-72 hours on business days (Mon-Fri). Please note, an expedited shipping method does not expedite this fulfillment time frame. Shipments sent via Priority Mail should arrive 1-3 days following fulfillment- which typically translates to at your door in 5-7 business days. Smart Post will take a few days more.

How long do Milkful bars stay fresh?

Milkful bars stay great for 16-20 weeks at room temperature- which is captured by the "Best By" date printed on each bar.  If you'd like to prolong their freshness, we recommend storing them in the fridge or freezer! You can defrost and bring to room temperature as needed. Please also avoid exposing the bars to hot/humid environments for prolonged amounts of time.  

What's Milkful's Return Policy?

Your happiness is super important to us. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our bars, please let us know!

We allow the opportunity to try our bars risk-free, through a 6 Bar purchase. If you don't come to love them, you may mail your uneaten bars back for a full refund (less S&H).  Due to the perishable nature of our product, all larger purchases of 12, 15, 24, 30 and 36 bars are final.

EEK my husband just ate my Milkful bar- is he going to grow boobs?

No way! Milkful bars are actually a super healthy snack for anyone to enjoy.. Even sticky-fingered men and kiddos! In fact, it’s usually pretty hard to keep them away…you’ll see.