12 Bars - Milkful

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12 Bars

Now offering more flavor flexibility! Choose between one, two, or all three flavors!

Blueberry Almond Coconut 

Toasted coconut, rolled oats, crunchy almonds and a sweet speckling of juicy blueberries make our original flavor a crowd favorite.

Maple Walnut 

Smells like breakfast time! Toasted walnuts, rolled oats and nutty sunflower seeds all surrounded with pure maple goodness. Puffed brown rice gives these a fun rice krispy-like texture.

Chocolate Banana Nut 

Toasted peanuts, crispy banana chips and rich dark chocolate make this nutty, chocolatey, not-too-sweet treat.

All 3 flavors are Dairy Free/ Soy Free/ Wheat Free/ Egg Free

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