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Lactation Tips & Advice for Breastfeeding Moms
  • Video: Preparing to Breastfeed for the First Time

    Preparing to breastfeed for the first time? Milkful's Community Manager Connie shares practical tips for how to feel confident, educated and supported before your baby arrives.
  • Meet Connie, Milkful's New Online Community Manager!

    This week we announced the launch of our online breastfeeding support group in partnership with Ellie Parents App. It's free to join and we hope you sign up and become a part of our community! Get to know Connie Carringer, Milkful's Community Manager and the mother of two little girls.
  • #MomTalk: A Birth Doula Shares How She Navigated Milk Supply Issues

    Hear how Connie Carringer, a trained birth doula, navigated a low breast milk supply with her firstborn -- and what she did differently with her second child.
  • Q&A with An Allergist-Mom on New Infant Food Allergy Prevention Guidelines

    We spoke with Board Certified Allergist (and mom of two!), Katie Marks-Cogan, M.D, to answer your FAQs about the new guidelines on childhood food a...
  • How to Increase Milk Supply

    Many breastfeeding moms want to increase their milk supply but aren’t sure how. Learn everything you need to know to boost milk production.
  • Does Having a C-Section Affect Your Breast Milk Supply?

    There are specific post-partum practices after a cesarean that can lower a women's breast milk supply. Read how to prepare for these breastfeeding hurdles.
  • Why All Breastfeeding Moms Should Advocate for Skin-to-Skin Contact

    This precious bonding time allows for mothers and babies to breathe in each other’s scents, lower each other’s heart rates, and warm up together. Skin-to-skin care (or kangaroo care) also opens up the window for a mother to initiate her first breast-feed and has shown to have a positive effect on long-term breastfeeding habits.
  • Worried About Milk Supply? Read How to Increase Breast Milk Output

    Breastfeeding moms looking to increase their breast milk should take these steps to boost output, pump more ounces and gain control over their milk supply.
  • Folate and Folic Acid – What Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Need to Know

    Folate and folic acid play a vital role in embryo development, healthy pregnancies, and infant survival rates. Up to 50% or more of neural tube defects could be prevented with proper folic acid supplementation prior to conception, reports The American Academy of Pediatrics. Read more about this important micronutrient for women of childbearing age and learn the recommended daily intake as well as foods that provide folate.

  • 5 Steps to Take When Your Breast Milk Supply Drops

    Experiencing a drop in your milk supply? Take these five steps to boost your milk supply: Increase the frequency of breastfeeding and pumping sessions, incorporate hand expression with pumping, try “power pumping” for one hour, add galactagogues to your daily diet, and speak to a Lactation Consultant.
  • The Energizing Role of Iron in a Woman's Health

    Iron is a key component in producing a protein in red blood cells that carry oxygen from your lungs to every cell in your body. Iron gives you energy because it allows your tissues, muscles and cells to receive and absorb oxygen. With proper oxygenation and blood flow your muscles tire slower, your brain thinks faster and your stamina lasts longer.
  • Preparing for Daycare When Breastfeeding

    Your breastfeeding journey doesn’t have to end once your child goes to daycare. Many new mothers understand the benefits of continuing to breastfeed once they have returned to work. Read our tips for how to select a breastfeeding-friendly daycare, what questions to ask, and how to successfully transition into this new routine.